Ice Ice Baby

Thursday, December 02, 2021


Today was Kindred's first time ice skating...and the first time we have seen her little (former)neighborhood bestie since we moved out to the countryside! When the girls screamed each other's names and ran to hug...I had immediate tears in my eyes. So much change over the past two was so good to pretend life was back to normal, even if just for an afternoon of warm sunshine and skating. We've missed them so much! We've already planned our next visit and are looking forward to it!!

Bob Dylan At The Palace

Friday, November 12, 2021


The Wedding

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

The Three Musketeers

Tuesday, November 09, 2021


The Bride

Monday, November 08, 2021


And I Would Like To Do It All Again

Tuesday, November 02, 2021


...I do not want to arrive at the end of my life

and then be asked what I made of it and have to answer:

'I acted.'

I want to be able to say:

'I loved and I was mystified.

It was a joy sometimes, and I knew grief.

And I would like to do it all again.'

- liv ullman

Trick Or Treat

Sunday, October 31, 2021


Luna Lovegood & Hermoine Granger