American Jennie

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

She was the American mother of Winston Churchill and I must admit that her life was far juicier than I ever imagined it would be. She had many lovers (est. 200!) while married to three men, two of whom were twenty years her junior. She was known for her remarkable beauty, vitality, and sexual magnetism. One of her lovers was the Prince of Wales, who became King and was her close friend until his death. I also learned that  in England during the Edwardian era, a common cure for a toothache was cocaine. So, that was interesting. Jennie lived outside her means her entire adult life. There was constant money woes but no one would have guessed it because it never slowed her down. There were still couture dresses, travel, and luxuries of manor life. The amount of money she could blow, back when things cost so little, is quite surprising.

The book lost me several times when it would go into detail on who quick mentions were. It made it hard to keep everyone straight. I just zone out and it doesn't matter a chapter later. I find the Edwardian/Victorian era fascinating, so I enjoyed this book. It was nice getting to know Jennie.

Katy Owl

Sunday, August 12, 2018

This photo was taken at least five years ago, at a PowWow in a nearby county. I had ridden along with Ash who was there on a photo gig. I remember sitting on some bleachers when the drumming started and I suddenly felt like I was having like a panic attack. I got tunnel-vision, my heart was pounding inside my chest, and I literally had to get up and walk off to regain my composure. It felt very spiritual and ancestral. Like, the cell-memory of my ancestors sprang to life inside my body. It definitely left me a little shaken up.

Fast-forward to back in mid-June, Kaypacha mentioned that we should take the time to get in touch with our ancestors and that is exactly what has happened in the past few weeks. It all started when an old customer/friend from Natural Health showed up at the Nutrition Center. He's a gentle soul and crazier than a bedbug and I love him. The first time I met him, he walked in and said, "Holy cheekbones, Mama, you got some Indian blood in you!" He looks like a full-blooded Native American but with stunning blue eyes. We've had some real good talks over the years. We talk ancestral ways, spirit guides, and weird history. I told him I knew that my mother's mother's heritage was allegedly Cherokee. According to my grandma, her grandmother was a full-blooded Native American...half Cherokee & half Shawnee, possibly. But, during our recent talk, I shared with him a discovery that some of my father's mother's people are the Melungeons of eastern Tennessee/Western NC. They were the Goins family, one of a handful of surnames recognized to be among the Melungeons. Members of my extended family still reside in eastern Tennessee. After talking with CD, I went home inspired to do a little more digging and I hit the jackpot. Thank goodness for distant relatives, much smarter than I, who did all the heavy lifting in the genealogy department. Past the Melungeon link, I found out that my 7th great grandmother (father's mother side) was Katy/Charity Tsi na qui Owl. Her father was John Tsi na qui Chin nin quih Owl, who took on the surname Senelle. They were both born on the Cherokee reservation. What a revelation!! The Owl clan of the Cherokees were the feather keepers. And, I am forever finding and keeping feathers. Bergen threw away a bag of my feathers when we moved last and I contemplated a divorce. A few years ago, I was adopted by the red-tailed hawk and it never fails to guide my path. On a particular worrisome trip to see my dad, who was in bad health, I counted 5 on the two hour drive. It was insane.

I'm interested to know my mother's mother's side now too. I wonder what clan they were from. As a child, I stayed browned by the sun and this coarse mess of curls has always made me curious about the people they come from. I spent my childhood running wild through the woods and it always felt like home. My dad's side of the family would frequently vacation in Cherokee, NC and the Smokies. We had no idea it was the land of our ancestors. I wonder what Katy Owl thinks of her 7th great-granddaughter. As someone who has vocally protested the government's horrific treatment of indigenous people and brown-skinned immigrants, I hope she's proud.

Mama + Kicky

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Can we please not talk about the horror of all those split ends!?! I am in desperate need of a trim but I am loving that I finally have some length again so I keep putting it off! Please ignore the hot-mess on my head and just focus on the cutie pie next to me...yes, that's much better. Moving on!!

We are enjoying our time together since Nova started school. Of course, we miss having her here, but we figure it's a long-shot to convince her to drop out of Kindergarten and come hang with us again, so we have accepted that she is just out there doing her own thing now.

In the past couple of weeks, we've done the mallrat scene, mid-afternoon milkshakes, clothes shopping, road trips to Grandma's & picking up Nova from school, and so much more. I am really looking forward to enjoying this last year with Kindred before she starts school. On a recent trip to the library I picked up so many books that I now look at the stack and wonder when this magical elusive 'alone time' will manifest so that I can actually read them? I am entirely too ambitious in my 'To Read' selections. Oh, but a special library mention goes to 'Super Happy Magic Forest'...Kindred LOVES it. And, I enjoy reading it to's pretty funny.

I'm working on creating a daytime 'schedule' and some goals for this next year. But, I think we all know how much I succeed at rigid demands on my time, so we shall see how this goes.. I just want to look back and know that we had a special time together because once school starts for her and I try for nursing school, it's going to be crazy for a few years.

Okay, fine...I'll call the salon and get my haircut today. You're bossy...but, I like you, ya crazy diamond.

If I Were Rich...

Friday, August 10, 2018 of the things I would do is travel the classic car show circuit for at least a year or two. Every time they come to town, I am all 'Look at that one!' and 'Oh, man...look at THAT one!' If you are local, they always congregate in the hotel parking lot at the University Plaza. It's like a free car show with the occasional burnout. Folks line their chairs up alongside the road in front of the hotel.

I love classic cars and especially love talking to people who are just hanging out, having a good time, reminiscing about days gone by. My dad has a very impressive list of cars he used to own which includes, among many others, a '70 Nova, '67 Impala, '69 Mach 1 Mustang, '74 Torino, and a '57 Chevy Bel Aire. I have baby pics of me on the hood of the Chevy. It was black with flames painted on it.

I really was one cool baby...

Summer Bucket List #26 Family Kickball!

Thursday, August 09, 2018

Today, we had a front come through that brought rain and much cooler temps so we took advantage and played a little family kickball at Grandma's house!

First of all...nobody ever knew which way to run. It was hilarious. The girls would run from home to 2nd or from 1st to 3rd. One time, Kicky just picked up third base and tossed it away. It was fifteen minutes of mayhem and giggles. Nobody got tagged out. Everybody won.

Best of all...Naiya and Ash got to play with us!

We didn't want to overtire Naiya so we kept it short and sweet. But, it was so fun!! Viva la summer evenings!!

Summer Bucket List #4 The Drive-In

Saturday, July 28, 2018

I love the Drive-In during summertime...
We saw Hotel Transylvania 3 and I give it 3/3 Blah-Blah-BlahsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
If you haven't seen it, you don't get it...but, if you have then I'm pretty clever, no?

The girls are now referring to love as 'Zing' and it's adorable!
"Did you Zing with Daddy? 
Did my mama Zing with Nick? 
If we Zing with a boy, do we have to get married to him?"

I'm so thankful we were able to make these memories even though we are always missing Naiya and Ash...


Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Southern Kentucky Fair was exactly the cosmopolitan event you are probably thinking it must be. I  personally enjoyed playing a fun little game called 'Carny or Local?'. I AM KIDDING. Mostly.

Kindred and Nova had the most fun marking #20 off their summer bucket list. One thing that was revealed to me, while we were there, is that Kindred has no fear. None. She wanted to ride every ride that the big kids were on. She is still mad about not getting to ride the ferris wheel. Next year, we have plans to take the girls to Disney World and I will feel more comfortable with her riding bigger rides than I did yesterday. Call me crazy, but I just don't have enough faith in the safety standards of the traveling carnival industry.

See the spot where Kat is standing at the top of the slide? It was approx five feet from there, on the steps, where I realized that I was still just as terrified of heights as I used to be. My heart was pounding, I had a death grip on Kindred's arm and I told the young gentlemen assisting people at the top that I was basically of no use to anyone at the moment because I had THE FEAR. He kindly laid out our sacks and helped Kindred onto hers, while I maintained the death grip, and then assisted me onto mine. We both went airborne on the way down and it probably took me ten minutes to stop shaking. I also woke up at 2:30am this morning and relived the entire scene along with 50 worst case scenarios that could have happened at the top, including but not limited to: earthquakes, homicidal carnival workers, faulty hydraulics, and aneurysms. It's a fun place to be, inside my brain.

I am so glad the girls had a good time. My favorite thing is to really be aware of how amazing and exciting experiences like this are for the girls. It makes me feel like a kid again too. The only thing that was missing was having Naiya and Ash there. Hopefully next year, it will be Disney and all three girls! What a dream come true that would be!!