The weather is going to be absolutely beautiful today...

We are having a store-wide Earth Day sale, which is probably a given at every natural health shop everywhere right now, haha. I am missing out on the Annual Herb & Craft fair at the Unitarian Church in Nashville, which is a bummer...not to mention, I'd looooove to be at home breaking in the gazebo by just laying on the patio furniture and soaking up the warm breeze...haha! But, more of the community will turn out for a big sale, so I will serve a purpose today instead. Which is a blessing, to be of benefit to even a single person.

If you're local, come see us! We are giving away free organic, non-GMO seeds with every purchase!

On Tuesday morning, we loaded up four unicorn popsicles (pink strawberry on top, purple blended middle, blueberry bottom, & edible glitter!) from PopWorks and hit 65 South to go see our Naiya! She is receiving inpatient treatment this week at Vanderbilt.

Naiya wanted to race for pinks...but Kindred was too focused on her uni-pop. 

This is one of those bittersweet moments, captured. I don't know how much of this they understand or will remember...but it is forever imprinted on my heart.

Silly little girly giggles.

In September of 2012, I took my mom to go see the musical WICKED because we both loved the book so much. It was such a special day for us and I still have the ticket stub displayed with my favorite photo of mom from that day. None of these little girls were even a blip on the radar then, though Novaleigh was soon to be discovered. Fast forward to Monday night, Ash called to tell me that she had just found out we could meet the cast of WICKED during our visit the next day! I was very excited, but also surprisingly emotional about it. I guess it was just how different life was the last time we saw it and how close we were to everything we've ever wanted in having these girls. I played the soundtrack during our drive down (and every time Kindred has been in the car since then, per her request) and we were all super excited to see the cast. When they came in dressed in plain clothes, Kindred was a little disappointed. She walked up to someone she deemed to be in charge and said in her tiny chipmunk voice, "Where are their costumes?" which resulted in a collective "Awwwww!" The girls lost interest pretty quick and started having their own interview, so we left. But, we got two signed posters as parting gifts and I basically can't wait to take the girls to see the real deal someday. On Broadway would be cool, but I'll take Lou or Nashville as long as I have these three girls with me.

Unicorn balloon for a unicorn niece.

My niece demands much physical comedy from me. She throws bracelets I have to dodge and scoot around on the floor for and sometimes she tries to run me over with my own daughter. But, she laughs and I love to hear her laugh, so it all evens out.

By mid-afternoon, Kindred was pretty much tired out and fell asleep before we made it to the first stoplight. Right before she drifted off she said she missed Naiya. I knew how she felt. I miss her too. Hopefully, next week, she will be able to come over and visit us though!!

Super grateful to have spent this day with the girls and Ash. We are so blessed to have these girls and each other!
(last night)
We caved in the name of sleep deprivation and peace in our home...

Kindred now has a tv on her wall to help her drift off to sleep. Obviously, this is not what I wanted but she usually lasts 15-30 minutes and then off it goes. In its absence, we have to snuggle, cry(Kindred), refuse to sleep for at least an hour, cry(me), and then everyone sleep fitfully for the next few hours. She came into this world with a different circadian rhythm than her fellow communal members. She thrives on short sleep cycles while the adults must over caffeinate in order to survive. What has finally changed is that I have surrendered my attempt to coerce her into a sweet bedtime routing of a shared bedtime story and/or soft music. I need sleep!! We've tried bedtime stories, singing lullabies, listening to other people sing lullabies, and nothing works like a tv or tablet. I'd rather a tv than a tablet in bed with her, so here we are. Since there isn't a tv in my room, it encourages her to lay down in her own bed.

And, look...that's her on the very first morning...asleep in her own bed!! Did her daddy sleep in the floor beside her because he was worried she'd fall out of bed? Yes, yes he did...but, I slept like a baby all alone in my king sized bed. Once a good night's sleep has become the norm, I will be happy to have sleepovers in her room, or feel her climb into our bed in the middle of the night...but, for now, this was a needed concession and we are all much happier at bedtime!

I recently discovered that a cleaning & laundry line I have been using is still toxic, even though it bills itself as a more natural alternative to the toxic chemical nightmare that is most household cleaners. They claim usage of essential & plant oils, but I did not look closely enough at the label after I sniffed the fresh lavender scent. In hindsight, it is too lavender...I should've known 'fragrance' (aka the hormone disrupter, allergy inducer, etc) was an ingredient. But, the real dealbreaker for me was the inclusion of polysorbate-20.

So, I'm switching back to a laundry detergent I used to use before Mrs. M tempted me to stray.  And, I'll be using these dryer balls ($10) to ward off static cling and wrinkles without using any harsh chemicals. I'll be using essential oils to add scent to our laundry. Since there are 6, I plan on using lavender on two and a doTERRA blend called Citrus Bliss (think orange creamsicle) on two, leaving two unscented. Another bonus of using dryer balls is that they are supposed to reduce your drying time, which saves energy being used & money!! Do you use dryer balls? What are your favorite essential oils to add?

In all fairness, this is our second attempt at quitting paper towels. A few years ago, I swore them off and bought several rags & handtowels, but it just seemed gross. The guys would confuse the one for contaminated messes with the one that was okay to wipe down a countertop. And, they just didn't seem as efficient as a paper towel, in my opinion. But, after reading an article about how much waste is generated from paper towel usage...not to mention that it takes 110 million trees & 130 billion gallons of water to produce them! 

So, when I read about Bambooee bamboo reusable "paper" towels, I jumped on Amazon and ordered a roll for about $9. I love that they are sourced from organic bamboo! And, they plant a tree with every purchase!! They claim that one roll can replace 429 rolls of paper towels, which saves not only the environment, but some serious money! They are also machine washable up to 100 times each.

This time around, we have them in the paper towel holder on the counter...but, we have the one we are using to wipe countertops draped over the faucet (for drying purposes) and a folded one right beside the holder to dry our hands. I've also designated a special bag in the laundry room for placing the dirty ones.

I feel really good about cutting our waste and saving some money! I only ordered one roll to see if they were going to work for us but so far, so good! I may need to order a few more rolls just to stock up!

Naiya was saying, "Cheeeeese!"

PopWorks is our favorite places to take the girls for a sweet summer treat. Who am I kidding!? We went during winter, too. They are a small artisan popsicle shop located on Scottsville Rd in the shopping center behind Steak & Shake. They are handcrafted using local produce, local products, and all natural ingredients. As you can see in the picture above, they are also a good size serving and I have never ordered two because the first one wasn't satisfying enough. They have flavors that you just don't find on a menu in a drive-thru. Lavender lemonade, chai, blueberry lemon, cantaloupe, and chocolate avocado have all been tested & approved by our family. The coconut cream, if you are even marginally fond of coconut, cannot be missed. It is heaven on a stick!

It would be easier if they had a drive-thru like so many fast food choices do, but it is worth it to me to go in knowing I am getting Kindred a healthier treat. And, by "Kindred" I mean "me and Kindred"...also, sometimes just me. You can also find them at the Farmer's Market on Saturdays and downtown at Spencer's Coffee.

If you go, be sure to let me know what you try!

Today is supposed to be the last cold gray day we have before a 3 day stretch of summer-like temperatures. Yes!! To wait it out, I am:

  • Drinking a cup of Mint Mate tea with about 1 Tbsp organic dark cocoa and a fingertip's depth of vanilla almond creamer. It tastes like a Thin Mint cookie, but not as sugary. Sooo tasty! 
  • Catching up on the Pele Report I missed this week. It was my experience, over the past few days, that Kaypacha was correct yet again in deciphering the cosmos. 
  • Adding to my calendar an essential oil class a local Naturopath is going to be doing at the health store next Monday evening. Email me for details or check the store's FB page. Fun fun! Come join us! 
  • Pulling patio cushions out of the attic. Much soaking up of the sunshine is about to go down at my house!
  • Trying to finish up reading 'The Conscious Parent', but it is hard to focus when the girls are wilding out, so I'm pretty much just sitting here signing up for free meditation & essential oil education webinars online. 
  • Diffusing 4 bergamot, 2 grapefruit, 2 lemon, & 1 ylang ylang in the living room so I feel uplifted and citrus-y fresh, but diffusing 2 lavender, 1 bergamot, & 1 cedarwood in my bedroom so I can pop in there to mellow out when the girls get too rowdy. 
  • Trying to decide what to share with my holistic living Facebook group this week. I have a few choices and rough outlines in my head. May just need to toss a coin and get to writing!
  • Speaking of FB, I'm occasionally checking the live feed of Mark Zuckerberg testifying before Congress. Can we all just go back to the MySpace days yet? I had a garden gnome theme and it played 'Little Boxes.'
Hope your Tuesday is filled with good energy, too!