Check-Up Day

Monday, October 14, 2013

My OB is the kindest man and I genuinely like him. I know what a blessing that is because I have had many doctors that I did not feel this way about. I knew there was no way I could deliver at the Med Center in BG, even though it is closer than Springfield which is where I am going. There are too many memories from miscarriages and Brooklyn to be there. My OB also delivered Novaleigh and we really liked him so that is another reason we chose to come here. But,Vanderbilt has purchased the hospital he delivers at and gave him a really short notice to vacate his practice, as they intend to staff it with their own OBs & Midwives. I am not at all happy about this, but the hospital he is transferring to is farther away and isn't feasible to deliver at. I fully support homebirth & midwifery, but these are not those kinds of midwives. These are trained at Vanderbilt and are very clinical. I hope I can connect with them and feel easier during this transition. I wish this wasn't happening but it is what it is. Trying to remain positive!!

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