1st Carnival

Saturday, May 28, 2016

There was a carnival set up in the mall parking lot this week so we decided
to go try out some kiddie rides and Kindred thought it was the best thing ever.

Dylan really didn't but he humored me for a photo op.

Okay, we've ridden a lot of carousels in our cumulative lifetimes...
but this one was sincerely the FASTEST carousel I have ever been on.
I had to brace myself and hold onto Kindred for dear life.
The fact that children were not being flung off of it still surprises me.
I was not the only parent who voiced this fact.
The next time I saw it, it was going much slower so I am thinking it was not intentional 
or maybe they received a complaint. 

Look at this face! Oh it makes me wish Opryland were still in Nashville!
Kindred would absolutely love it!!
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