Happy Birthday, Honey!

Saturday, May 07, 2016
Let's go buy me a 4-Runner in Indiana! Hahaha!!

I decided one day, awhile back, that I wanted a Jeep so I could ride around with the top down.
And, then...Berg promptly talked me out of getting a Jeep.
So, I decided to get a 4-Runner because you can roll the back glass down 
which essentially gives you a hard-top Jeep.
I started researching 4-Runners and found that there is about a 4 year window
that mechanics love to buy because they allegedly run forever. 
The window is '98-'01.
It has to do with where they were manufactured then and what engine choices they made.
So, I set out to find my dream 4-Runner that will last me until I am 80.
We've been to Nashville, Covington Ky (across the river from Cincy)
and this weekend, we went to Indianapolis.
Bergen is just delighted that Craigslist is a thing we have in the world.

It is in remarkably good shape for the price. 
I mean, I knew I hit the jackpot when I got the Carfax report.
But I still bluffed them down $300 more.
And, then Bergen bluffed them after I went to the car with Kindred
that I meant the price I said (and not a penny more!)
 so they figured in the taxes then too.
I am a good deal hunter and I gotta say I've never felt more alive!!
It was great!! Haha!

We visited The Virginia B. Fairbanks 100 Acre Art Nature Park while we were in town.

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