Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Saturday, July 15, 2017

As you probably know by now, we bake pink cupcakes to celebrate Brooklyn's birthday and so they are pretty symbolic of her to me. Today, I went out for some solo-thrift shopping and as I was thumbing through this big box of pictures, I suddenly tuned into what was playing quietly on the store's radio...
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
...which we played at Brooklyn's memorial.
And then, this was the next picture in the box.

So, I bought it and barely made it to my car before I began to ugly cry.
Sometimes there just aren't enough tears and pain that time can never fully heal.
I ran to Walmart when I composed myself and as ran right into an endcap
filled with these cupcake aprons.
And, right then, I realized I was on a Mommy/Daughter date with Brooklyn.
It wasn't a solo-shopping day at all.
I started looking out for more cupcakes and even brought a pink one home to her little sister.

Life is beautiful, painful, redemptive, and I'm blessed to be here for it.
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