Monday, August 21, 2017

Well, I must say... It lived up to the hype. 
The eclipse was a certainly a sight to behold, wasn't it?
As the sun and moon held their holy meeting in the sky, I could not help but feel like the small, ephemeral being I am. We know so very little about life, as humans. Our entire momentary existence is spent on a speck of stardust in an infinite Universe. As we go about our lives, governed by so many forces unseen, we lose sight of that. So, for me, peeking out into the heavens brought a little insight. 

Since we are nearby the point of greatest eclipse, Hopkinsville, we enjoyed over two minutes of darkness. It wasn't really a blackout, more like dusk popping in at midday. Discombobulated insects kicked up their nighttime symphony and the temperature dropped noticeably. When it was safe for all of us to look up, I believe our minds were blown. 

It was a magical experience and I'm grateful humanity had a moment to stop and marvel at something collectively. 

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