Bill's Birthday

Monday, September 18, 2017

Because he managed to survive a significant blockage & stent placement last week, my dad lived to see 60 on Saturday. I took him to dinner at the iconic Loveless Cafe in Nashville, after I spent a week lecturing him on diet. We both passed on the fried chicken, but we did try their famous biscuits. And, they are indeed the most delicious biscuits I have ever eaten in my life. I don't even want to know what the nutritional facts label would look like because the butter content is obviously very, very high. Just, don't ruin it for me.

If you aren't from around here, a little history on the cafe: Lon & Annie Loveless started their restaurant outside Nashville on Hwy 100 back in 1951. After awhile, they built a surrounding 14 room motel which is now an assortment of gift shops. You can buy food stuffs like preserves, country ham, etc. You can buy touristy stuffs like tshirts, keychains, and a variety of merch emblazoned with 'Got Biscuits?' You can even have a wedding reception in a fancy barn they've added out back.

 The Loveless is about a 15 minute drive from downtown Nashville. It is located along a winding country road that takes you into the hills and offers only a peek of the Nashville skyline between the trees. Judging by the signed pictures on the walls, just about every musician from Nashville plus those American Pickers guys have been there. The decor is cute & kitschy. We really enjoyed it.

 Under doctor's orders, Bill couldn't really party like it was 1979 but we did drive down Broadway to see what the crowd was up to. It was the typical Nashville scene...various revelers, lots of honky tonking, an overly intoxicated bachelorette party being loaded into a waiting cab by a Nashville police officer, and somebody robbed the Subway nearby.

 I did run into Elvis again. For some reason, it's a thing that happens to me.

My dad is the stuff legends are made of. I desperately want to sit down with a recorder and write a book about him & his four brothers. They did the 70s & 80s BIG. I have memories of seeing them roll up my aunt's driveway in an assortment of muscle cars, Harley Davidson motorcycles(dad), and even a probably stolen limo. I do not know how I share DNA with this group because I have never had the intestinal fortitude to brave even half of what dad did before he was ever 30.

One story I don't think he would mind me sharing... He and his younger brother, Richard, had been out cruising around town and fighting with a few locals back in the late 70s when they were picked up by law enforcement. At the jail, the arresting officer said he wasn't sure what to charge them with and decided to place a call to the judge to seek his advice. The judge asked to speak to one of them and my uncle took the phone. He told the judge his side of the story and then, "Yes, sir...oh yes, sir, we promise to stay out of trouble." and he hung up the phone. He told the officer the judge said he would let them off with a warning as long as they learned their lesson and would go home. So, the officer said they were free to go. They made it the door as the phone rang and Richard turned to dad and said only, "Run." Which, they did. Apparently, the judge had told Richard he was on his way to throw the book at them. And, that was him calling back to tell the officer to lock them up because he knew what Richard was up to when he said what he said. God bless rotary phones for buying Richard a few extra seconds to lie through his teeth. Anyway, Richard jumped on his motorcycle and made it back to Tennessee but dad got picked back up a few weeks later and spent a weekend in jail.

So many good stories, mostly incriminating. I don't know how he survived it all, but I'm thankful that he did! He's a character, that Bill. I'm lucky to know him.
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