In the Beginning; Part Two

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Whenever his grandparents would ask for Dylan to stay the night, I would come stay with you. It didn't take long to figure out that nothing about our courtship was conventional. We didn't go out to eat or to the movies. Our dates mainly consisted of hanging out at your place while the random visitor dropped in to play video games and smoke a joint or two. Occasionally, we'd head to the college dive bar downtown on the square called Kelly Greens. On some mornings, we would eat oversize bowls of Lucky Charms on your front porch. I just loved being with you. We had such a good time together that I never felt like we were missing out by staying in.

Do you remember the afternoon we got busted by your mama? We were upstairs in your room when suddenly someone was in the hallway alerting you to the fact that your mom had stopped in for a visit. You went, and I procrastinated as long as possible. I don't know why my brain works the way it does, but, for some reason, I tried to make light of us having freshly fornicated by cracking a sacrilegious joke about being left to study the bible on my own. You laughed, but possibly just to expel nervous energy. It was a great example of 'Know Your Audience'...but, it worked out okay.

One weekend, I made plans with some friends to go to a music festival. You made a comment about me not hooking up with anyone there, even though you hadn't really made any effort toward exclusivity. In hindsight, it's kind of your signature move. You prefer to let it ride, until fate forces a choice. Not long after that weekend, you asked to meet Dylan. And, you two were peas in a pod. He called you Bean. You flew to California to see your dad, and when you came back you brought Dylan a little bear dressed in a baseball uniform. He was over the moon about that bear, and you.

Every few years or so, we like to skim through the letters we wrote to each other back then. They are full of the typical new lovers verbiage. Oh, we couldn't wait to see each other, we felt like there was never enough time together, flirty talk, and signing off as 'the future Mrs. LaBelle', or 'your future husband'. So cute, so innocent, so embarrassing.

Almost a year after we met, we were engaged. We got an apartment and planned a small wedding at a bed & breakfast. For the ceremony, we told the pastor that we'd like to say our own vows. But, he forgot that part...which is good because neither one of us had anything prepared. We are opposites in almost every manner, except for when it really blowing off our vows. Mine would probably have amounted to 'I never thought I'd have children or a husband, but here we are.'...awkward pauses, bad jokes. There's no telling what you would have said, but it probably would have left everyone slightly confused after the ceremony ended. You always list pros & cons in every speech and none of us ever really know which side you're on.
'Wasn't his pledge of eternal love so touching?'
'Wait, what? I thought he backed out, but, like, she was just super cool with it?'

Then we were a family and our beginning transitioned into our middle...which almost crashed and burned into our end, but we circled back around to the beginning somehow, and here we are now. Now is my favorite time ever. We live in a modest house which would easily be a million dollar property in Los Angeles...the kids are both still under our roof, you come home for lunch every day, and life just feels so damn good. We are good. If there ever was a time I wish I could stretch into eternity, it would be now. I mean, just for us, obviously, the world is an actual dumpster fire.

My favorite nickname for you is Jerry because of the movie The Mexican. Art imitates life when it comes to the personalities of the main characters, Jerry & Sam. When my mama saw the movie even she said, 'Well, that is you and Bergen made over.' And, it is are probably not the luckiest fella in the room and I can be...well, uhh, opinionated, passionate, loud...but we love each other enough for this lifetime and maybe even the next. It has never been boring, babe...and that is why I'm still here.

I love you, Jerry. 
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