What Happened Next

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

December has been an eternity wrought with pain, sickness, and a multitude of blessings.

As long as I live on this earth, I will never forget the sound of my sister's voice telling me over the phone that her daughter had just been diagnosed with leukemia. What has felt like a lifetime in some sort of alternate reality has only been 23 days since that Sunday afternoon. As a family, we held our breaths until we knew which leukemia she had, which translates in its most reductive form, into the odds of her survival. Not to mention, the preservation or obliteration of every dream we've had for a lifetime with these three little girls we love so completely. It is acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and she is in the high risk category due to a genetic component. Three words, this ALL diagnosis, that can never translate into any measurement of her suffering every day during treatment or give a finite amount of tears that will fall or even begin to cover the true depth of this collective familial heart break.

While I have desperately wanted to be at my sister & niece's side down at Vanderbilt, my household cannot get or stay well long enough for me to be able to. I had a respiratory virus with a bad cough when she was diagnosed and as soon as I could get through a night without coughing my head off, Kindred came down with a stomach virus that has lasted longer than any stomach virus I had ever heard of prior to this one. If it weren't so incredibly frustrating, I would laugh at the absurdity of it all. We are never this sick. How could we be this sick now, when it is crucial that we be well? I think about how frightened I was to have a baby during the flu season, when so many family members were sick. And, I think about my sister now and how terrifying it must be to hear of so many cases of flu, strep, stomach and various respiratory viruses circulating our region now. If ever there was a case for constructing 'the bubble'...surely Naiya is the perfect candidate for its first occupant.

So, that's where we are now and a little of what happened next.


Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Our world is forever changed.
My niece has leukemia.