Monday, January 15, 2018
It doesn't seem possible that four years have already flown by, but here we are. Miss Kindred was the birthday girl yesterday. Or, as she says 'the birthday gull'...I especially love her crazy, unidentifiable accent. More of her personality emerged this past year as she grew out of toddlerhood into preschool age. We know for sure that Kindred is theatrical, silly, sweet, smart, quick tempered and 100% on top of the situation. I still have moments of pinching myself because I just cannot believe she is here. 

Since Naiya could not be with us, and the flu is just running rampant right now, we elected to celebrate at home with Nova, Aunt Kat, Grandma, and PopPop. We were planning to go see Paddington 2 because Kindred LOVES the first Paddington, but we had so many flu cases/support people come into the health store on Wednesday that I texted the fam that we were cancelling it. This flu is particularly hard on little ones. I'm just not going to chance it right now...not when it would be especially dangerous for Naiya to be exposed.

We weren't sure what exactly to get her, but when she saw this ice cream truck in Target, she was sold. I personally thought it was an overpriced piece of plastic, but I could see the value in the hours of imaginative play it would inspire. And, so far, we are coming up on about three. Right now, ice cream is being served to the little Calico Critters. She and Nova LOVE this thing. I have organized it several times already, so maybe I love it too. 

Nova asked to spend the night so we wound up having a sleepover. Berg built a fire, the girls were playing with the ice cream truck, and I was so happy to be there to see it all. Despite the heartache of Naiya's cancer, we are so blessed that these three girls are still here with us, and will be reunited after Naiya is healed to share in a lifetime of birthdays and giggles and everything else.

Happy birthday, Kicky Malickey WaBelle...we love you so.
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