Happy Birthday, Naiya!

Monday, January 22, 2018

It seems like yesterday we were setting this photo shoot up for our little girls and Naiya was still all chubby baby. Today, she turns three!

This will not be an easy year for her and that double sucks considering she's already been through so much. But, what we know about Naiya is that she is one fierce little girl. In the midst of fighting, she still giggles at her cousins through video chat, she plays and has fun when she is feeling good. She loves her some Moana, nail polish, and playing with her mommy. She is so precious. Her voice is just the sweetest. Naiya has always had a gentle spirit, even as a baby. She has Ash's mischievous twinkle in her eye. She's an old soul and I know I've loved her before.

With our shared Balanced Translocation, I never dreamed Ash and I would have babies at the same time. I knew I was done trying a long time ago, and Ash had other fertility factors that made her even getting pregnant difficult, let alone beating the odds of the BT to carry to term. Yet, fate intervened and here we are. This has been the absolute best gift, to have these little girl arrive together and allow us to share in mothering them. I am so proud of my sister for being a superhero mama warrior for Naiya. I can't wait for the days when cancer is behind us and the giggles ring out as music to our ears again. Sleepovers, the Drive-In, summer nights, family vacations, holidays, and all the moments in between.

Happy birthday, little YaYa...your Caaaaaaaam loves you so so much.

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