My Darlin Clementine

Saturday, September 09, 2017

In the fall of 2006, I drove to Paris, Tennessee to rescue a Chinese Crested female puppy. I named her Clementine and she was the quirkiest, funniest little creature I had ever known. I am her human, and I'm not sure anyone has ever loved me the way that Clem does. She wound up being half-Chinese Crested & half-Chihuahua so she is smaller than a pure CC. She has a sweet mullet on her head and little cuffs of fur around her feet, but she is gray & white skin everywhere else. So, we always pack a sweater in the winter or keep her in the shade during summer. 

We've been on many adventures together, but the times I've enjoyed the most have been just lounging around together. Her cuddled up by my side.

Clem has zero patience for our other dog, Bella, as they had a falling out in 2012.
But, she's cool with the cat.

Clementine lost her vision in a short period of time a couple of years ago. So, we try to keep her on a routine she feels safe with. I will be wearing her in a doggy sling when she shows me she can no longer figure out where she is. She'd do the same for me...
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