Deep Blue

March 06, 2018

Size: 5mL
Retail: $42.67
Wholesale: $32.00

This is the second essential oil experience which made me a believer! Sometimes when my hip acts up, it is the piriformis muscle affecting my sciatic nerve, which shoots pain from the top & center of my right buttcheek all the way down into my foot. The pain is sharp and relentless until I can get some Deep Blue (just a couple drops!) worked straight into the painful area. I also have the Deep Blue Touch roll-on, which works for me when I don't need the stronger scent on my hands. I have the Rub added to my April order, so I will update after I've used it. It reminds me of the Icy Hot my Grandma used to use on her lower back, but it doesn't make my eyes water to apply it like I remember hers doing. Deep Blue oil is actually blue from the Blue Tansy. For my pain, personally, it takes about 15-30 mins for relief. Customer feedback uses for Deep Blue have included Bruises, Muscle Cramps, Inflammation, Tension Headaches, and Elbow/Shoulder Pain. 

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If you've used Deep Blue, I'd love to hear your experience in the comments below! 
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