February 28, 2018

Size: 15mL
Retail: $13.33
Wholesale: $10.00

This is the oil that made me a believer in the therapeutic value of essential oils! I have occasional hip pain leftover from my pregnancy with Kindred and, when it strikes, it is incredibly painful. One day at work, I was hurting pretty badly when the store owner suggested I take a bottle of Lemongrass into the bathroom and massage several drops in. I was pretty skeptical about the effectiveness of essential oils since my mentor had been an old school forager/herbalist who believed primarily that any herb, vitamin, or mineral would cure whatever ails you. I didn't know much at all about essential oils and had turned down several opportunities to sign up with a few different suppliers along the way because of this. But, on that day, about 30 mins after I applied the doTERRA Lemongrass, I was almost completely pain-free. I ate my humble pie and asked her to educate me about essential oils. Since that time, I have worked closely with an aromatherapist at work to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. I am fascinated by what I've learned!! I had a bottle of Aura Cacia Lemongrass at home that I applied on a different occasion and I did not experience the same level of relief. This is what convinced me that purity does matter and led me to sign up with doTERRA.

Lemongrass has been used for its antioxidant properties, in digestive disorders, as a mosquito repellent, and to reduce inflammation. It targets tendons specifically which makes it beneficial for Carpal Tunnel and other ligament disorders. It can also be used as a muscle relaxer. It is often used as a skin toner and has also been used in thyroid support blends. It's a great (practically) all-purpose oil to keep around the house. Should definitely be in your Top Ten toolkit.

If you have used Lemongrass, I'd love to learn about your experience in the comments below! 
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