Dryer Balls

April 16, 2018

I recently discovered that a cleaning & laundry line I have been using is still toxic, even though it bills itself as a more natural alternative to the toxic chemical nightmare that is most household cleaners. They claim usage of essential & plant oils, but I did not look closely enough at the label after I sniffed the fresh lavender scent. In hindsight, it is too lavender...I should've known 'fragrance' (aka the hormone disrupter, allergy inducer, etc) was an ingredient. But, the real dealbreaker for me was the inclusion of polysorbate-20.

So, I'm switching back to a laundry detergent I used to use before Mrs. M tempted me to stray.  And, I'll be using these dryer balls ($10) to ward off static cling and wrinkles without using any harsh chemicals. I'll be using essential oils to add scent to our laundry. Since there are 6, I plan on using lavender on two and a doTERRA blend called Citrus Bliss (think orange creamsicle) on two, leaving two unscented. Another bonus of using dryer balls is that they are supposed to reduce your drying time, which saves energy being used & money!! Do you use dryer balls? What are your favorite essential oils to add?

1 comment on "Dryer Balls"
  1. I need to get some wool dryer balls. I recently gave balled up aluminum foil to reduce the static and it totally worked, but I'd like to add a little smell to them too.