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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Springtime views around the "witch's den" in our house. Plants, oils, books...me and two retired dogs, not pictured. What has been called the spare room, the study room, the furniture project room, and the dog's room has now been renamed by Kindred since we added the poster of the witches from WICKED last week. I think it suits...

Isn't it interesting how many historical 'witches' were really just herbalists or women who knew how to read 'the signs' in the seasons, the moon, etc? Performing 'magic' or worshiping the devil...dancing naked under the full moon...were all figments of man's runaway imagination or suppressed sexual fantasy. Countless murdered women through the ages were nothing more than victims of a 'christian' man's perversion or toxic masculinity. And, to be fair to the fellas, gossip and jealousy among women were often the start of the accusations. She was in danger if she were beautiful or widowed, self-sufficient or opinionated, and, often times, simply a property owner with opportunistic neighbors.

The thought crosses my mind when I am deep in study, or speaking to a stranger on the benefit of certain herbal remedies, that just a few centuries ago, I would have likely been punished (or worse!) for having and sharing this knowledge. I work with a small group of strong, extraordinary women who toil away long hours at the task of serving their fellow community members and they would have met the same fate. It is a curious world we live in, friends. What was once considered witchcraft is now considered placebo (by some) or essential (by others) and will someday (hopefully) be considered an integral faction of healing modalities.

The girls planted these flowers last week and we already have some peeking through! They are so excited! Nothing makes me happier than sharing tidbits of herbal folklore or the names of plants and hearing Kindred repeat it later. She knows milk fistle(thistle) is good for your liv-ah(liver). And that crocuses are purple but daffodils are yellow even though she wants them to be pink. And, she looooves to help me mix up oils for different blends or the diffuser!

(This was taken a few weeks ago...it has even more oils now. I may need an intervention.)

A few generations back, no matter who we are, the women in our family would probably have grown a garden to feed their families...they would've used home remedies to cure (to the best of their abilities) what ailed them. With disease exploding at exponential rates in this country, we have got to get ourselves back to as nature intended. And so, it is my intention to raise my little witchling to do just that...starting with her own little herb garden this summer. 

What are you growing in your garden or windowsills this year? 
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