Pink Moon

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Tonight, the full moon in Scorpio will rise above us. I read somewhere that Native Americans referred to this particular full moon as the "pink moon" to reflect its appearance in blooming springtime. The general astrological consensus in working with the moon's cycles are that New Moons are the best time to set intentions which then develop during the other phases and come to fruition during the Full Moon. Our new moon was in Aries, which is ruled by Mars, which also rules Scorpio. Mars is the tinder box planet. Think fire, propulsion, aggression... This full moon will also sextile Saturn which rules boundaries, routine, stability. ('Sextile' in astrology means in cooperation, encouragement, inspiration.) So, if we are enforcing/establishing boundaries, altering routine, and thwarting stability...these changes are not likely to be temporary. It's not too late to visualize the life you want and use this full moon's energy to get on your way, baby.

A pretty simple full moon rite is to make a physical list of things you would like to release or change in your life...whether it be behaviors, relationships, beliefs...and then take a moment to go outside under the moon and speak the list out loud. Afterward, you can burn the list so that it stays private between just you and the moon. I also believe in taking a moment to express my gratitude for being part of and being cared for by the universe, Creator, God, whatever name you identify with.

Are you feeling the full moon energy today? If you'd like to see what Kaypacha says about it, click here.
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