Quitting Paper Towels

April 14, 2018

In all fairness, this is our second attempt at quitting paper towels. A few years ago, I swore them off and bought several rags & handtowels, but it just seemed gross. The guys would confuse the one for contaminated messes with the one that was okay to wipe down a countertop. And, they just didn't seem as efficient as a paper towel, in my opinion. But, after reading an article about how much waste is generated from paper towel usage...not to mention that it takes 110 million trees & 130 billion gallons of water to produce them! 

So, when I read about Bambooee bamboo reusable "paper" towels, I jumped on Amazon and ordered a roll for about $9. I love that they are sourced from organic bamboo! And, they plant a tree with every purchase!! They claim that one roll can replace 429 rolls of paper towels, which saves not only the environment, but some serious money! They are also machine washable up to 100 times each.

This time around, we have them in the paper towel holder on the counter...but, we have the one we are using to wipe countertops draped over the faucet (for drying purposes) and a folded one right beside the holder to dry our hands. I've also designated a special bag in the laundry room for placing the dirty ones.

I feel really good about cutting our waste and saving some money! I only ordered one roll to see if they were going to work for us but so far, so good! I may need to order a few more rolls just to stock up!
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