Sweet Dreams

Tuesday, April 17, 2018
(last night)
We caved in the name of sleep deprivation and peace in our home...

Kindred now has a tv on her wall to help her drift off to sleep. Obviously, this is not what I wanted but she usually lasts 15-30 minutes and then off it goes. In its absence, we have to snuggle, cry(Kindred), refuse to sleep for at least an hour, cry(me), and then everyone sleep fitfully for the next few hours. She came into this world with a different circadian rhythm than her fellow communal members. She thrives on short sleep cycles while the adults must over caffeinate in order to survive. What has finally changed is that I have surrendered my attempt to coerce her into a sweet bedtime routing of a shared bedtime story and/or soft music. I need sleep!! We've tried bedtime stories, singing lullabies, listening to other people sing lullabies, and nothing works like a tv or tablet. I'd rather a tv than a tablet in bed with her, so here we are. Since there isn't a tv in my room, it encourages her to lay down in her own bed.

And, look...that's her on the very first morning...asleep in her own bed!! Did her daddy sleep in the floor beside her because he was worried she'd fall out of bed? Yes, yes he did...but, I slept like a baby all alone in my king sized bed. Once a good night's sleep has become the norm, I will be happy to have sleepovers in her room, or feel her climb into our bed in the middle of the night...but, for now, this was a needed concession and we are all much happier at bedtime!

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