Tuesday Check-In

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Today is supposed to be the last cold gray day we have before a 3 day stretch of summer-like temperatures. Yes!! To wait it out, I am:

  • Drinking a cup of Mint Mate tea with about 1 Tbsp organic dark cocoa and a fingertip's depth of vanilla almond creamer. It tastes like a Thin Mint cookie, but not as sugary. Sooo tasty! 
  • Catching up on the Pele Report I missed this week. It was my experience, over the past few days, that Kaypacha was correct yet again in deciphering the cosmos. 
  • Adding to my calendar an essential oil class a local Naturopath is going to be doing at the health store next Monday evening. Email me for details or check the store's FB page. Fun fun! Come join us! 
  • Pulling patio cushions out of the attic. Much soaking up of the sunshine is about to go down at my house!
  • Trying to finish up reading 'The Conscious Parent', but it is hard to focus when the girls are wilding out, so I'm pretty much just sitting here signing up for free meditation & essential oil education webinars online. 
  • Diffusing 4 bergamot, 2 grapefruit, 2 lemon, & 1 ylang ylang in the living room so I feel uplifted and citrus-y fresh, but diffusing 2 lavender, 1 bergamot, & 1 cedarwood in my bedroom so I can pop in there to mellow out when the girls get too rowdy. 
  • Trying to decide what to share with my holistic living Facebook group this week. I have a few choices and rough outlines in my head. May just need to toss a coin and get to writing!
  • Speaking of FB, I'm occasionally checking the live feed of Mark Zuckerberg testifying before Congress. Can we all just go back to the MySpace days yet? I had a garden gnome theme and it played 'Little Boxes.'
Hope your Tuesday is filled with good energy, too!
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