Change of Scenery

Sunday, May 20, 2018

We spent the day playing with Naiya's toys for a change, which means three sisters got to sit around and visit. The girls also had a good time and it was, ahh, interesting to watch their personalities interact. Mama is so lucky there's 7 years between us😂 It's a little much sometimes!

Good Golly, Miss Dolly

Thursday, May 17, 2018

As I was getting ready to go pick up Ash & Naiya from her last (yay!) inpatient chemo infusion at Vandy, I got a text from Ash telling me I would never believe who the day's surprise mystery guest was. When she told me it was Dolly Parton, I done went and nearly lost my mind. Who doesn't love Dolly? I read her autobiography when I was a teenager visiting my grandparents in Atlanta for the summer. You know, way back in ye olden days when bored teens caught a ride to the local library and checked out books to read.

We were so close to her that I could count the bobbypins in her wig. It was fantastic! She sang the chorus of '9 to 5' and some of 'Chemo Hero' which made me want to cry. For the rest of the day, I plotted to take Naiya down to Broadway Ave and buy her something with Dolly's face on it, but she was worn out by the time she was discharged so we have a raincheck until another day. Or, maybe even a future trip to Dollywood.

She was exactly the bubbly sweetheart you'd expect her to be and she was so kind to the children. It was already a happy day because it was homecoming day for Naiya, but somehow Dolly managed to make it even better!