Crystalline Knowledge

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Last night, my favorite yoga studio held a crystal class with a focus on crystal chakra meditations. It was BUZZING. Personally, I am usually drawn to purchasing black tourmaline, amethyst and turquoise, but I've yet to experience the metaphysical rush or clarity some people describe when working or meditating with crystals. Maybe I just haven't met the right crystal? I don't typically meditate with crystals, but I do have them nearby when I do. Maybe I should try utilizing them more often.

One of the coolest moments of the evening was when we all had a chance to hold the crystal above (Phenacite, the small clear one right above the paper in my hand) and press it into an ice cube. It would slide right in with little to no resistance and was clearly melting the ice. There is something to be said for the energy the crystal contained which allowed it to do so because there was no heat involved. Interestingly, the corresponding zodiac sign is Gemini. I wonder if Dylan would resonate with this one?

There is a crystal emporium in Cave City, Kentucky where large pieces that bring hundreds or thousands of dollars out west are priced at rock bottom prices. Get it? Rock bottom. Rocks. Crystals. I'd love to take a trip up there and check it out. I should get an Airstream and just drive around selling crystals. How fun would that be? Guaranteed to meet some interesting people!!

Do you have a favorite crystal or experience any metaphysical reactions to holding one?
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