Purty Red Dress

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Last week, the kiddos and I popped into the mall to get a quick haircut for Dylan. Thank goodness for Mastercuts when you are in a rush but the man-curls are outta control. In our mall, Mastercuts happens to be right across from Boot Barn. When Kindred saw these two mannequins in the window, she excitedly shared that me and her daddy would look FANTASTIC in those outfits. Now, I wasn't sold on Berg wearing flannel cut-off sleeves, or a cowboy hat, but I did agree that the red dress would probably look super fantastic on me. I loved the high-low style! Believe it or not, this was actually my first purchase from a Boot Barn even though I grew up an hour from Nashville!

My style is really just all over the place. I don't know what you'd call it...boho moto, maybe...haha! I love a white v-neck tee with ripped jeans. I also love gray and black in an assortment of styles. To be honest, anytime I buy something overly colorful or flowy...all hippie earth mama...it barely gets worn until it winds up stored in the attic or given away. My 'Style Inspo' Pinterest board shows more cohesion than my closet does...am I the only one?

But, back to the red dress...

I also bought a pair of tan cowboy boots with turquoise/aqua accents to match the colors in the dress. I went all in, guys. Dylan said it looked like "Country threw you up." He's so sweet to me. Ash was in favor of the pairing of the two, but Kat was not. She said I should lose the boots. I was also advised to leave my hair curly next time I wear the ensemble. Never before has an outfit elicited so much advice!! Since there was no place to go square-dancing, we just went to Ruby Tuesday's and then had ice cream at Bruster's afterward to check out all the classic cars in town.

All in all, it was a fun time! I make a halfway decent Country Barbie. If you're interested in buying the dress, click here. I bought the large, though the medium fit just fine. The large hangs down about an inch or two lower, and there was a little more room in the shoulders for an off the shoulder look if I decide to do that.

UPDATE 1/06/19: So, I wore it once. Same for the boots. Been in the closet ever since.
UPDATE 2/15/20: I'm not even sure if I still own this dress?? I'll check my summer box in the attic.
2 comments on "Purty Red Dress"
  1. Love the dress! Would never have thought to look in Boot Barn for clothes.

    1. Right? Not typically my style..but some of the other dresses are cute. All paisley and look good with a jean jacket.