Summer Bucket List

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

  1. Go out for ice cream.✔
  2. See classic cars.✔
  3. Make S'mores.✔
  4. See a movie at the Drive-In.✔
  5. Plant flowers.✔
  6. Play with sparklers at dusk.✔
  7. Attend an outdoor concert.✔
  8. Go to the Farmer's Market.✔
  9. Paint our nails a bright color.✔
  10. Visit the library for storytime.✔
  11. Bake pink cupcakes for Brooklyn's birthday.✔
  12. Ride the carousel.✔
  13. Watch fireworks.✔
  14. Fly a kite.✔
  15. Water balloons.✔
  16. Blow bubbles outside.✔
  17. Drink a rootbeer float.✔
  18. Cousin sleepover.✔
  19. Eat a watermelon.✔
  20. Go to the county fair.✔
  21. Catch a baseball game.✔
  22. Picnic in the park.
  23. Buy something from a garage sale.✔
  24. Find dinosaurs.✔
  25. Take a picture in front of a mural.✔
  26. Family kickball at Grandma's.✔
  27. Play freeze tag.
  28. Get local-made candy from Mary Jane's.✔
  29. Sip lemonade.✔
  30. Eat a peach.✔
2 comments on "Summer Bucket List"
  1. Definitely need to add a few of these to Rowan's list!

    1. It seems ambitious...but I figure a full day in Nashville will knock off most things...and it won't kill us to do more local things. Haha!