Monday, July 16, 2018

Spent last night with Ash because we have to be down at Vanderbilt super early today. Since this was also Kindred's first sleepover without me or her dad (at Grandma's with Nova & Aunt Kat) I didn't figure I'd sleep so well anyway, which is why I brought my own coffee pot & coffee. If I haven't slept well, you CANNOT screw up my morning coffee.

Anyways... Me, Ash, and Naiya all cuddled up in their king sized bed around 11pm but it was still after midnight before I was able to fall asleep. At 3:30am, I felt Ash move in bed and check her phone on her nightstand. Like, I heard her set it back down. So, I turned over to see if she were still awake...but, she was facing me and fast asleep. She obviously hadn't moved. And, then the tv suddenly went from Netflix's black 'Are you still watching screen?' to the one I quickly took a picture of above. It says, "Chasing Cameron."

And, that is why I was still awake when the alarm went off at 5am...
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