Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Last August, exactly a year ago today as a matter of fact, I wrote a post about how I had been suffering from an inner ear infection that had really just taken me down in the previous few weeks. My symptoms had been some dizziness that lasted for weeks, some intense headaches, and a very specific anxiety that I was terminally ill and would not be here to raise Kindred. Horrible, right? Like, I was a very specific thought process and even though I would interrupt the thoughts with "This is anxiety, this is not real." it was legitimately terrifying. I could be folding laundry and suddenly "Tell Bergen how this is her favorite shirt so that he knows because you won't be here." or "Remind him how important this magnesium bath you're running is, because you won't be here, and she's gonna stay constipated." We all know how millions of thoughts pop in our heads all day long and these just came out of nowhere. It wore me down mentally before the headaches sidelined me physically. Once I was actually at my nurse pracitioner's office, we realized that the headache meant a fever was going up. And as that happened, the anxiety grew worse. My left ear had less fluid than my right, so my NP thought perhaps fluid was trapped inside and had gotten a bacterial infection. Plus, I had had a summer cold a few weeks before the dizziness started. After a course of antibiotics, antihistamine tablets and spray, everything returned to normal and I was fascinated by how an infection in my inner ear could trigger such anxious though patterns.

Fast forward to right now. Exact same process. Late June summer cold, August anxious thoughts, slight fullness in my ear, headaches, and fever. Only, during this time around...I'm having some kind of gut issue too. It would appear that my gallbladder is having some trouble. I don't have any stones visible by ultrasound, but one could be in a duct. I'm treating the ear infection first this week, and will eat a very bland diet and taking a stonebreaker supplement until either that solves the gastric distress or further testing is warranted.

August is on track to become my least favorite month. Hopefully, I'm back to normal soon. Our good health really is so precious and we are never more mindful of that than when the check engine light of our body starts flashing, no? Take good care, friends.
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