Witches Midwives & Nurses

Friday, August 24, 2018
"When faced with the misery of the poor, the Church turned to the dogma that experience in this world is fleeting and unimportant. But, there was a double standard at work, for the Church was not against medical care for the upper class. Kings and nobles had their court physicians who were men, sometimes even priests. The real issue was control: male upper-class healing under the auspices of the Church was acceptable, female healing as part of a peasant subculture was not."
The fact that this is still relevant today, centuries after the witch hunts, is reason enough that we should all be feminists. Let the poor suffer and condemn anyone who tries to help or heal them, while the rich enjoy the luxury of decent health care.

What a sick society we still live in.

Witches Midwives & Nurses is a history of women healers. It highlights how women used to the be primary healers as herbalists & midwives before patriarchy ostracized them from practice. I mean, and not only ostracized them...literally executed most of them. It is a short read and was born out of the 1970s feminists who realized how women were being abused by the current medical system. How many of us, present day, have been dismissed or talked to condescendingly by a male doctor? I know I'm raising my hand. This little pamphlet turned booklet was born out of that frustration. I think if you have ever uttered the words "I don't need feminism because I know I'm not oppressed." this is a book you should certainly read. I've been fascinated by the history of women healers since I started working at the health store years ago. I'm glad to have read this one.
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