Bella & Clem

Monday, October 08, 2018

We almost lost Bella a few weeks ago. She got very sick after eating some food that she should not have had. We were able to bring her back from the brink, but about 24 hours were pretty sketchy about survival odds. In the end, Pepto Bismol and puppy formula saved her life.

These girls have been a handful since they had their falling out in Georgia. They can't be in the same room, or they fight. Like, it's brutal. I have seen Clem hop from the top of a gated doorway and land on Bella's head and I have seen Bella literally bodyslam Clementine without even fully understanding how it was possible. Add in that, at their old ages of 13 & 12, they have both began to struggle with hitting a puppy pad or not peeing in their sleep. I feel like a good chunk of my day is spent on maintaining canine homeostasis.

But, seeing them suffer was the absolute worst. I know that someday they will be gone from us and I'll walk by a spot of sunshine on my floor and wish that Clementine would be laying in it, sunning herself. Or, someone will knock on the door and Bella won't be here to alert us with her barking. I miss the easy days of leashing them together and walking around the neighborhood or finding them curled up together in their bed. Their feud is ridiculous (over a male!) but we can't exactly sit them down and explain it to them. So, I will just continue reminding myself how much I love them every time something annoying happens and I'll count my blessings that we were loved very much by two small creatures who shared many chapters in our story.
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