Thursday, October 18, 2018

I present an argument for an immediate collective return to blogging...

When it first started, blogging was a medium which allowed us to find & forge connections with our soul-sisters who weren't conveniently located nearby. I loved reading what life was like for mamas on the sunny west coast, high in the mountains, way out in the desert, and even anchored in the bay. In the morning, I would get my coffee ready as the computer booted up (ha! remember THOSE days!?) and then I'd sit down at my desk to read the offerings from the minds & hearts of friends. Back then, there were some popular blogs who remind me now of the polished Instagram 'influencer' accounts...and those weren't for me. I preferred the writings of those who were in the trenches of motherhood alongside me, and weren't afraid to share about leaky breasts, strong-willed children, working husbands, and a feeling that maybe who we are gets lost under all the hats we must wear to the keep the circus going.

But, somewhere along the way...we phased out sharing our days. Blogs that I used to adore were abandoned, quietly. A post here and there until...nothing. Facebook became the way we stayed in touch until Instagram came along and many bloggers utilized it as a replacement. Facebook became a community that I felt uncomfortable belonging to, so I left it. And, I don't miss it even a tiny bit. For me, it was a drain on my time and energy. Lately, Instagram has started to feel the same way. Content is curated and branding/marketing is rampant. Connection is fading, just as before with blogging.

I am going to try to keep my little blog alive. If you want to come along, there is a"Subscribe" box on the sidebar and posts will be sent straight to your Inbox. My goal is to post 2-3 times weekly and add a sidebar link list of interesting blogs who are still out there sharing magic with us so that you can check them out too. I hope to see you writing!
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