Woodland Critters

Thursday, November 15, 2018

I've decided to change up our holiday decorations. We've had a blue and red almost retro looking decor theme going on since Kindred's first Christmas but I want to do a more natural/woodland look to encourage (hopefully) a less commercialized, less consumerist centric holiday. Not to mention, honoring my pagan/witchy/native belief system that doesn't really jive with the traditional Christian narrative. Read: my belief system. Everyone in this household has their own belief system. Dylan leans more atheist/agnostic and Berg is a Christian. Kindred is the only free agent and she will make up her own mind when she is ready.

So, we were out hunting for woodland critters for our tree. We checked out Pier One and found a few things, didn't really find anything at Michael's, and I won't shop at Hobby Lobby so I have no idea what they have there. Still pissed about their disregard for female autonomy in their reproductive choices. Quick question: Can you name a single law, or mandate, that governs over a man's body or a man's health? I sure can't because there isn't one. Where was I? Oh, yes...I remember...so our other option is the gift shop at Lost River Cave. Gives me a chance to support a local gift shop and their woodland tree decor is too cute. Kindred and I have plans to pop in and choose an ornament every week until Christmas. And, after Christmas, we will ransack their Christmas clearance for next year. We love sales.

We are picking up some cranberries, cinnamon sticks, star anise and small pinecones to fashion ourselves a garland this week. I can't wait to craft with Kicky. She is so creative!! We decorate on Black Friday every year instead of participating in the running of the bulls. My son will be working at a big box retailer on Thanksgiving evening and Black Friday this year. He will miss the family dinner with my mama and sisters. This is where we are as a country. Totally disconnected from the reality of our choices. May kinder, wiser heads prevail someday.
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