Baby's 1st Sleepover

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

More often than not, this is the way we greet the day. If you're new around here, you may not be familiar with the background of Kindred's sleeping patterns, so to catch you up to speed: She doesn't therefore we can't. I am so sleepy right now. Doesn't matter what time of day you read that sentence. I have my reservations about her staying over with anyone else because of this. To get out and pick her up at 3am is not on my list of desirable ways to spend a night. But...she has been doing much better lately and loves having sleepovers with her cousin, so when my company Christmas dinner rolled around this year and my sister offered to keep her all night, I decided to roll the dice.

They were so stoked on the ride to Nova's that I began to get seriously hopeful that Kindred (and her parents) could actually pull this off.

I attended my dinner and came home to a shockingly quiet house. Me and my guy could actually sit on the couch together without a small child climbing all over us. We could kiss without a tiny hand pulling our faces apart and insisting it be a group family kiss. We could ahem without fear of interruption. And around midnight, I took two Benadryls, a fan, and went to sleep someone in a very short coma. I didn't want to chance anyone waking me up and I knew Berg's alarm would be going off before 7am.

My morning was quiet and lazy. I haven't been so self-indulgent since like 2013. And, it was long overdue. I definitely need to remember to practice more self-care than I do. I think I was pretty close to burnout. Why can't a couples vacation to a tropical island be a tax write-off? Or, covered under mental health insurance? Find a politician to run on that platform and they will win by a landslide.

Oh, to wrap it up...Kindred had a great time. We're gonna do it again. Soon.
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