What Have I Been Up To?

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Spending days with these two weirdos, who keep me laughing and, also, cleaning Kindred's room.

Naiya's one year diagnosis anniversary has come and gone. It has been emotional. So many questions that will never be answered. Life changed. And now it just is what it is. Our normal is quite overwhelming. But, we have excelled at adaptation, as a family unit, and we are celebrating Naiya's resilient spirit and having faith that she will only continue to heal and live and love and grow.

Other than that...I am easing into slow mornings filled with a steaming almond milk Dandy Blend, late lunches of mostly hearty soups with my fave gal pal, and evenings lit by a beautiful, twinkling decorated tree. And I am mindful that this is the childhood I needed every night I snuggle with Kindred in her darling little bedroom. It is never too late to tune into the children we once were and fill those holes of what we needed but didn't get with forgiveness and love.

And, did you know that this is my birthday week!?! I could not be more Sagittarius, except that I am also a Gemini rising...and that's basically just an argumentative Sagittarius with slightly less existential dread. I will be 39 on Friday. Do we ever get used to seeing those numbers climb? It is hard to believe this is the last year of my 30s. I intend to invest it wisely.
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