Indigo Girl

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

On her birthday, we took Kindred to Cosmic Connections in Nashville to get her aura photographed.


I have seen actual photographs and that is what I thought it was before we went but their system just utilizes a computer print out. Aura photography is done by grounding your hand on a sensor and getting the reading added to your picture. I believe it is correct because Kindred is 100% an indigo and we have known this for awhile. We will go again when she turns seven and begins a new life cycle to see if she maintains it.

I found a good explanation of indigo auras via
"Indigo aura personalities are creative individuals who inspire awareness, sensibility and integrity. Indigos are deeply influenced by their inner knowing. They are dynamic souls who assert their morality to promote teaching respect for all life. They are guided by their mind’s eye and lead with their hearts.
Primarily working from the third eye, this aura personality is highly intuitive and has a broad range of arcane knowledge. Their insights see the pathways of infinite potential and possibilities. It is not uncommon to experience from an Indigo that they may hold answers to life’s mysteries.
Indigos can absorb and process new information quickly. They will have a tendency to feel overwhelmed by their senses and by energies in their environment.
The life of an Indigo is so experiential that their means of relating to other people is often through the use of metaphors and similes. However, their channeled revelations and prophecies are delivered forthright.
Indigos are bold and brave with their honesty and serve to be an example of testing boundaries; challenging limitations and restrictions where personal freedom and liberties are concerned.  They are outspoken about righting injustices, changing broken social governing systems and can be quick to set a record straight.  Since they know what they know with clarity and conviction, the truth and the right thing to do are no contest to an Indigo.
People with this aura color can have trouble understanding why other people don’t understand the knowledge they do. They can also easily feel alienated from society or ostracize themselves and disappear for a while to rebalance their love/hate relationship with society."
If you are interested in getting your aura photographed, Cosmic Connections is near Belmont Univ in Nashville. The Frothy Monkey coffee shop is nearby and I love their chai!!
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