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Tuesday, January 08, 2019

I am seriously concerned about the recent climate reports. I think we are all living in such crazy times that it somehow slipped under the radar, but we should all be freaking the eff out right now. I mean, probably not the folks Fox News has brainwashed into believing this is all a Chinese Hoax and we should just keep consuming and consuming and wasting and wasting while they laugh all the way to the bank because...their kids won't be suffering out here in the cheap seats, right? They'll be just fine. But, the rest of us...we should be paying way more attention than we are.

I'm not quite in prepper panic mode...but I am considering that Kentucky is near the bottom of the list when it comes to preparedness. In a decade or two, when the summer heat is over 100 degrees for a week or two at a time, our grids will not be able to handle the demand. If drought or floods destroy crops, we will not have the funds to bail out the farmers. Kentucky is not being realistic about the urgency or even validity of necessary change. Why is that, do you reckon? Well, I say follow the money...all the way to the coalmines. Elsewhere, places like Florida won't just be dealing with hurricanes, flooding, and eroding coastlines, they'll be dealing with mosquito borne illness outbreaks, too. I am not being crazy or paranoid...according to scientists, the fat is in the fire now, folks. It's coming.

So, the scientists say the best places to be are somewhere north, nearer to fresh water sources. This is not a criteria I have ever considered. Personally, I don't like to be cold and the north is synonymous with cold. I would love to be out west, but is seems even that landscape is changing. The wild fires in California and Oregon are a good example. And, I know that a decade or two seems like a long time, but you see...I've got this little girl...who is just about to turn five years old, and climate change will be a huge factor in her lifetime. I would rather be located somewhere that gives her the best chance to thrive. And, I would also like to tell her that I did my best by recycling, shopping local, thrifting, and wasting as little as I could. Which brings me to the picture above...

I'm giving up my Sam's Club membership. It may save me some money, but that place has the most waste in packaging I have ever seen. I just cannot participate in that any longer. I'm also buying a pitcher that allows me to make my own nut/plant milk so I can cut down on that weekly waste. I can buy the ingredients in bulk at the Nutrition Center (lots of bulk items & whole foods there!). We are also going to do our best to phase out paper towels completely by upping our bamboo reusable towel game. And, we have decided to build a tiny house!! My dad is an amazing carpenter who has built and flipped many houses and he is going to help us! We plan on collecting as much of the materials over the next year as we can and then get started.

Listen, I am not crazy enough to think that Kindred would enjoy living in a tiny house. But, I think I would someday after she's grown. Tiny house, big outdoor space, garden, solar sounds perfect to me! Or, if either of my parents needed an alternative to living in an assisted care facility, I'd have one ready for them. We would love to have it as a tiny guest house or a place we can pack up and head for higher ground, if we had to. Or, if she someday had to. Although, I can say...if Berg and I have the choice of big brand new house in a cul de sac or 30 acres of meadows & woods? We will park our tiny house right up in that 30 acres and commission Bill to help us build Kindred her own tiny house we can connect to ours. Haha. But, for real... 

There are many ways to walk softer on this land and this is my goal of discover and implement as many as possible. I've slacked off on this to a shameful level of consumerism lately, but I am recommitted to intentionally living. We all owe it to our children to try our bests.
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