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Monday, January 07, 2019

This is the spot I was standing next to Ash at my dad's yesterday when we suddenly saw an eagle take flight from the ground and fly all the way to those trees in the background. I am still just in awe of such an auspicious visit from such a magnificent creature. Native American's believe "If Eagle shows up, it means: There's an opportunity for you that you're considering, and it would be best if you take advantage of it soon. There will be a new beginning in a positive direction following a recent period of strife, one in which you've gained a great deal of stamina and resilience. It's time for a great spiritual awakening, one where you experience a greater connection to the Creator." HELLO!! GROUND CONTROL TO MAJOR TOM!! I mean, right? 

Earlier in the day, as Kindred and Naiya played in the sunshine out in the backyard, I thought about some of the synchronicities of late...and the direction they seem to be singing us along, I closed my eyes and meditated for a moment about whether or not this was a good fit for us. Were the messages being interpreted correctly? And then I asked the cards if I was on the right path. I drew the Ace of Pentacles!! It was pretty much an energetic high-five from the Universe. The Ace of Pentacles can show us opportunity for real, concrete growth. It is a time to strengthen your roots, to ground and center in your body, and to begin building the foundation for the future. The card can also tell you to go spend some time in nature and find inspiration there.

Which, I did...and that is when I saw the eagle.

So, it is all connected and I am tuned in awaiting further instruction...
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