Thursday, January 24, 2019

I spent a good chunk of my young adulthood smelling like either Victoria Secret's Vanilla Lace lotion or Clinique's Happy perfume. I had pretty much stopped wearing any synthetic fragrances by the time I started in the holistic health industry but I definitely quit once I learned how bad they are for us. Our skin absorbs those toxic ingredients and sends them straight to our organs to wreak silent havoc. Since then, I've pretty much worn organic lotions scented by essential oils but the pickings can be slim when it comes to those.

My favorite scent to wear now is Passion by doTERRA. I love that it is spicy and sexy. It combines cardamom (hello, I'm a chai tea fanatic!), cinnamon, ginger, clove, sandalwood, jasmine, vanilla bean, and damiana, which in the herb world is used as an aphrodisiac. I bought an empty glass bottle (essential oils break down plastic) from the Nutrition Center to make my own body or linen spray. I used 8 oz of filtered water, a TBSP of witch hazel, and about 30 drops of Passion because I like to smell it strong. I lightly spray it on my bare skin or spray it in the air in front of me when I am dressed, and then I step into it. I also have the touch roll-on and I dab that on my wrists and neck.

I am basically stockpiling it so don't go buying any and cutting into my inventory. I am kidding. You may love it too, but if you don't, send me your bottle!!
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