Sacred Space

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

My bedroom is an uhh interesting place...

The featured piece is a vintage bench that runs the entire width of the room. I found it at my favorite thrift shop, and I wasn't even sure how we were going to get it home because I knew at least five feet would stick out the back of the 4Runner, but I knew I had to have it. It has flaking paint and so much character. I also have two twisted walking sticks hanging above my bed and a large framed feather artwork that hangs vertically beside my door. I noticed awhile back that it seemed to be heading in a direction that felt very elemental, so I added some black iron candlesticks and a skull, naturally. We have many candles and I really love the shadows they create on the walls and our skin. Candle light can be incredibly sexy!! I keep my copy of Women Who Run With The Wolves on the bench because I reference it often. On the list of Books That Changed My Life, it is definitely in the Top 3. My tarot and animal oracle cards by The Wild Unknown also stay out because I never know when the mood will strike me to tune into the cosmic energy for some direction.

So much of my time is spent mothering the children or studying different healing modalities that it is very important I have a space to bring out my inner wolf-woman to scritch around or howl for awhile. I know some theories float around that your bedroom should be in calming colors and fabrics in order to aid in peaceful sleep, but I want mine to be a sexy, dark, sacred space my partner may feel like he's about to be sacrificed in.

Ya know...keeps him on his A-game...
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