Don't Ask If You Aren't Ready To Know

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Two of Cups: When this card appears, you can anticipate a new love to be heading your way. And yes, this usually means romance...but sometimes it points to the birth of a dear & lasting friendship. Either way, the connection between you will be pure, honest, and solid. Open your heart and get ready.

Nine of Cups: When the nine of cups appears, worries and fears will be cast away. A new phase of peace and harmony awaits. The world seems to be granting your every wish.

Eight of Wands: The eight of wands strikes like lightning. It's a card of news, change, or clarity in an unresolved situation.

Mother of Wands: The mother of wands is a vibrant woman and happy mother. Family comes first in her world--she's very protective of it and is the dominant parent within the home. Oftentimes she has overcome great pain or trauma in her life. It's important not to get on her bad side.

Well, let the good times roll...I guess? Remind me to pick up some change of address forms, just to be prepared.
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