Happy Halloween 2019

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Meet our little unicorn!!

Her classroom party was such fun! There was another little purple witch in the room!

As always, Halloween was so much fun! 
It is my favorite holiday because there is imagination and play and magic!! 
Can you spy a little Rainbow Naiya behind our unicorn?
It was so cold but the Littles still enjoyed themselves 
and the costumes were adorable!

Skully Girl

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Skully The Halloween Kitty

Saturday, October 26, 2019

...was on Kindred's list for Santa. But, Ash called me yesterday and said that two kittens and their mama were living at a small car lot on the corner of a busy intersection here in the city. She knew we planned to get a black kitty for Kindred and one of the kittens was black. The whole drive over I told myself to stay strong, especially if it were a male. If it were a female, I'd take it as fate and we'd bring her home. Of course, she was a female. So, I improvised a quick letter from Santa to Kindred about how he knew she wanted a kitty and this one needed a home right away. I gave the letter to Kindred as soon as she came out of school and we rushed home to meet Skully.

They were all three used to humans, as the car lot owner had been feeding mama for quite awhile, so they aren't completely feral, but she is still not sure what to make of us, or Barking Bella (trademark pending) But, she loves feeding time and snuggling up to Kindred at night. We don't plan to allow that to be a thing every night, but for now it is okay.

Welcome to the family, Skully! We love you already!

50s Day

Friday, October 25, 2019

...not pictured: pink poodles on her socks

Pajama Day

Monday, October 14, 2019

Cherokee, NC

Friday, October 11, 2019

Our last day in the Smokies led us to Cherokee, NC.
The view on the way. 

Our family used to camp here in Cherokee when I was little. 
Boy, has it changed.
We visited the Museum of the Cherokee and found it very informative.

We spied some elk on the way out of town. 

Exploring The Smokies Part 2

Thursday, October 10, 2019

We decided to try out the Roaring Fork Motor Trail and it did not disappoint!!
I researched the best driving trail to do and found many folks sharing that
Cades Cove and Newfound Gap were usually jammed packed during the fall.
Roaring Fork was not as crowded and was one-way, so I really liked that.
There was a little country store in a cabin we stopped at that was too cute too!

Did Berg brag that he was as sure-footed as a goat and 
then almost immediately slip down into the water?
Oh, yes he did.

Tell me this isn't a "Standing Here With a Wet Foot" face.

Relax Day

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Dollywood wore us out yesterday! Kindred said she had so much fun but that her legs just ran out of gas at the end of the night. Mine ran out around late-afternoon but a good mama just keeps on keepin' on. Haha! So, today is a day to recuperate and enjoy our view. I took one step out on the balcony and confirmed that I am indeed still afraid of heights so I had my morning coffee in the doorway :)

Her morning bun!!
Our sweet daddy woke up early and hit the buffet to get his girls breakfast in bed. 

What a pretty little view we have!!

It was a little too chilly for the outdoor pool (and the indoor pool wasn't much warmer!) so Kindred and Daddy did a little hot-tubbin' to really "buh-lax" (how Kindred says relax). As I was sitting there watching them, Alabama started playing and it made me miss my Uncle Richard so much that tears fell down my cheeks. When I was little, our family came to these mountains to camp out and I have so many memories of our times here. There was always Uncle Richard with the best hugs and there was always Alabama on a radio. We never know how precious a moment truly is until it becomes a treasured memory.


Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Today is the day Kindred has been waiting for since we decided 
to take a quick trip to the Smokies during her fall break from school.
We woke up, had coffee & breakfast outside the Airstream,
and then left Cosby for our hotel closer to Dollywood. 

The weather was PERFECT. It was overcast but warm enough. 
We weren't baking in the sun but we weren't cold either.

She truly thought she was in control of the car and that we were
outrunning her dad in the car behind us. She was so
proud of her driving skills. When the car would hit the track beneath us she would
apologize and say she must have run over something she didn't see. 

This is the face she made when she really was in control of the car she was driving.
Funny story: a little girl caused the biggest bumper car jam I have ever seen about one minute into the ride.. She was in the turn and could not figure out how to get her car out of it. 
There were only two or three cars out of twenty that 
were free of the jam because we stayed on the other side of the track. 
Bergen was not as lucky as he was stuck too. 
She was so embarrassed and I felt like the ride attendant should 
have stopped the cars and helped her. 
It takes so little to just be kind to another.

Baby's 1st rollercoaster!!
Please don't ride the big ones someday.

We are here during the autumn festival and there are pumpkins EVERYWHERE!!

At sunset, they turned the lights on for their Great Pumpkin Luminights

It was absolutely magical for the children and I wish we could do
this every single day!!
There were autumn characters dressed up around the park
so naturally Kindred had to meet them and get a picture with them.

We loved the little frog jumper ride! It was fun to ride it
after dark and see the lights swirling around as we whizzed by.

This is the ultimate bubble-blower for Kindred. 
It lights up, it shoots bubbles, it plays music and it is a Unicorn. 
If it had cost $100, it would have still been worth every penny. 
She led her own parade through the park with it. 

I hope Kindred made happy memories today and we get to come back for the Luminights again!!

Exploring the Smokies

Monday, October 07, 2019

Airstream In The Smokies

Sunday, October 06, 2019

I've wanted a vintage Airstream for years and I'm finally getting to (at least) vacation in one!
We are in Cosby, Tn and this place is right up my alley!! 

We ate dinner in a school bus diner!!

You can sit outside or inside the bus.
Of course, I chose to get on the bus!!

Bergen: "We will be lucky to ever get your mother out of here, Kindred."

Berg tried his best to get our campfire going, but it just wouldn't stay lit 
and the smoke was too much for me,
so our S'mores were a little s'cold,
but we ate them anyway!

Kindred gave them a solid 2 star rating, and made this face. 

Going to explore the mountains tomorrow! 
It is just so beautiful here!!