Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Today is the day Kindred has been waiting for since we decided 
to take a quick trip to the Smokies during her fall break from school.
We woke up, had coffee & breakfast outside the Airstream,
and then left Cosby for our hotel closer to Dollywood. 

The weather was PERFECT. It was overcast but warm enough. 
We weren't baking in the sun but we weren't cold either.

She truly thought she was in control of the car and that we were
outrunning her dad in the car behind us. She was so
proud of her driving skills. When the car would hit the track beneath us she would
apologize and say she must have run over something she didn't see. 

This is the face she made when she really was in control of the car she was driving.
Funny story: a little girl caused the biggest bumper car jam I have ever seen about one minute into the ride.. She was in the turn and could not figure out how to get her car out of it. 
There were only two or three cars out of twenty that 
were free of the jam because we stayed on the other side of the track. 
Bergen was not as lucky as he was stuck too. 
She was so embarrassed and I felt like the ride attendant should 
have stopped the cars and helped her. 
It takes so little to just be kind to another.

Baby's 1st rollercoaster!!
Please don't ride the big ones someday.

We are here during the autumn festival and there are pumpkins EVERYWHERE!!

At sunset, they turned the lights on for their Great Pumpkin Luminights

It was absolutely magical for the children and I wish we could do
this every single day!!
There were autumn characters dressed up around the park
so naturally Kindred had to meet them and get a picture with them.

We loved the little frog jumper ride! It was fun to ride it
after dark and see the lights swirling around as we whizzed by.

This is the ultimate bubble-blower for Kindred. 
It lights up, it shoots bubbles, it plays music and it is a Unicorn. 
If it had cost $100, it would have still been worth every penny. 
She led her own parade through the park with it. 

I hope Kindred made happy memories today and we get to come back for the Luminights again!!

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