Friday, November 08, 2019

Kindred has absorption issues due to inflammation from gluten in her small intestine. Despite a good diet, and great supplements, she always runs a little low in iron and has digestive pain too. Her pediatrician said we can safely say it's at least IBS-C for now, and if we want more invasive testing for Celiac (the soft enamel on her top four teeth were another clue she potentially has it) when she gets older, we can pursue that. (We don't.) We monitor her diet carefully, which probably seems obsessive to other people but we are the ones who have seen her in terrible pain after she's eaten things she reacts to. The worst thing about it is her lowered immunity when she isn't completely gluten-free. And it takes weeks for it to work out of her system. She gets the dark eye circles, tiny eczema bumps on her face, horribly constipated, and she will catch everything she's exposed to.

Which is what has happened since school started... We've gone through Strep, colds, a respiratory virus with a bad cough, and more colds. I am not exaggerating when I say, she has pretty much stayed sick with something since about two weeks after she started school. And, so have her little buddies. We've seen them have strep, colds, respiratory viruses, and stomach viruses. It's not just her school either. Apparently, it's the just the way it is everywhere now. It certainly wasn't that way when I was a child, it wasn't even this bad when Dylan was a child!

One supplement that is effective in boosting immune function against viruses is Beta Glucan. I've seen its benefits personally, so I went in search of a beta glucan supplement for Kindred. I am hoping we can avoid some of these viruses. I got this at the Nutrition Center for around $10. It has the added benefit of Vitamin A and Zinc along with the beta glucan. Here's to less sneezy days ahead! ;)

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