The Story of Ruth

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

My father-in-law's book tour came through our city this week. Berg and I rushed to campus to catch a lecture about his career in photojournalism, as well as the nonfiction part of his book; the 1969 California flood that almost took his life at 17, and did indeed claim the life of his mother. I watched Bergen as previously unseen old family photos flashed on the screen. My husband is a man of few words in public, but over the years I have learned to watch his eyes for what he isn't saying. It was a lot for him to take in. It was a lot for every one in the room to take in.

I am the same age David's mother was when she lost her life. Hearing her story, at this time of many changes in my own life, adds to my sudden urgency to really go after my dreams.

David is such a good speaker, and photographer, and teacher, and friend, and he's the best Grandpa David we've ever met! We are so lucky to have him in our lives!!

Bergen wasn't happy with how his hair dried since we were in a hurry to get there so I improvised a shot to draw the focus away for him. You're welcome, honey. Also, it was freezing when we left and we had to park far away thanks to all the dynamic parking solutions WKU likes to completely ignore. We decided to run and I was still running when I turned around and saw that Berg had given up behind me. So, let it be known that I a dress...and boots with a heel.
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