Backyard Reno, In Progress...

Monday, June 04, 2018

Recently, we ran to Lowe's to get a patio rug and firepit. I have since developed a theory that people rarely go into places like Lowe's or Target and walk out with nothing but the items they went in for. We came out with a mower and plans to turn our backyard into THE summertime place to be for the girls. No rug. No firepit. Almost a pagoda.

That particular Friday was 'Spring Black Friday' in case you aren't aware this is a thing we are all doing now. So, they were having this great sale and this really cool pagoda was $100 off. It sparked a conversation about how Ash & Naiya had stopped by to visit the day before and Naiya had to wear a wide-brimmed hat because she is at risk for getting sunburned this summer due to chemotherapy. Our back patio has zero shade during the morning and middle of the day. There's a huge tree in our neighbor's yard that shades us from about 4pm on, but our trees are located at the back of the yard and are too small to offer shade. So, we got thisclose to buying the pagoda, but decided to go home, research the reviews or alternatives, and come back in the next day to get it, if we didn't see anything else we liked. We have patio furniture that includes chairs, a loveseat, a table & umbrella, but it doesn't provide enough shade for anyone not sitting in the immediate vicinity. We decided on a 13x11 metal gazebo over the 9x9 pergola so that we can have even more space for the girls to play. I ordered 2 boho styled shower curtains to use as curtains for more shade, as I figured the shower curtains would be less likely to mildew from being out all night. Since the gazebo barely fits on the patio, we had to angle it so that I needed to order 2 more of them to provide maximum coverage. We added patio lights and now the girls have a cute little space to play. I skipped the patio rug because I figured they would want to color the concrete with chalk.

Next on the agenda is a small pool, sandbox, water table, and more raised beds for organic veggies!
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