Our Little Classroom

Monday, March 16, 2020

We have a smaller sized bedroom which made the perfect little classroom for Kindred! At first, I wanted to do a nature or classical literature themed room (hence, the DIY giant chalkboard) but that is just not Kindred. She is sparkles & rainbows mixed with giggles & energy! So, we scrapped those plans and went with color! We purchased the alphabet linethe white board, & the posters from Amazon.

The garland was also from a local thrift store, 
although there are so many available on Amazon and Etsy.
Her desk and chair are from a local thriftshop and Berg painted them.
The second desk, the one-piece, is Nova's and was found at a summer yardsale.

The beanbags are the mermaid and the unicorn from Target.
The scratch-off map is from Newverest and we will use it to track states Kindred has visited.
The black and white poster in the lower middle off the wall is a 6-generation genealogy chart.

The magnetic or hanging daily calendar is her favorite thing
and has been my biggest headache! It is so cute and comes with male & female
child and lots of outfit choices...
the magnets do not want to stick and slide down the board.
I added little self-adhesive velcro dots to keep everything in place.
the calendar itself keeps buckling from the string it hangs from!
So, I had to reinforce it with strong tape on the back of it.

I have an Amazon wishlist for the things I want to add to the classroom but I am trying to pace myself and choose wisely since we are limited on space. I will update and add to this post as it evolves. 

Happy Birthday, shug!!

Monday, March 02, 2020

Love you, Ash!!