October Photo Collection

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Went to the Drive-In to watch a Stevie Nicks concert movie for mama's birthday.
We all dressed up.

Haunted car wash because life is bananas in 2020.

A rainbow leopard and Bo Peep walk onto a Grandma's porch...

Back to the car wash.
Listen, we waited in line for two hours to go through this thing.

These two are everything.

Our family does not believe in giving others personal space.

I wish I knew...

A little spooky filter fun with Kat at the Drive-In

Okay, we are back at the car wash again.

This didn't happen.

He's fun to cuddle

She's okay, I guess...

Sometimes I just get lucky and make the coolest pics.

This is what I will wear in the afterlife.


We getting these pumpkins ready.

She's okay too, I guess...

The child...

Why is this her go-to face?

This one...

a little moon cycle tracking with some kava 

Took a little trip down to Nashville with Berg to check out a macabre antique store.

Herbs to mellow out

Cleansing her third eye, obvsly

And, we are back to the car wash

Ride free, Bill...
My daddy who has been hell on two wheels since he was a teenager.

Nobody knows what is going on with his hair, but I love him
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