Mother, These Are Picasso’s

Friday, April 09, 2021

A few months ago, I reserved tickets to see the travelling Picasso 
exhibit at the Frist Art Museum in Nashville.

Originally, I had reserved them for me, Ash, Nova, Naiya & Kindred.
The night before, Ash called and had to cancel.
So, I asked Dylan if he'd like to join us in seeing the Van Gogh exhibit.
He eagerly accepted.

We got to the museum and, after a few minutes of walking around,
he asked where the Van Gogh's were?
Exasperated by the busyness of the day and educating the girls,
I said..."What do you mean!?! Look around, son...they're everywhere."
Dylan simply said..."Mother, these are Picasso's."

Ohhhhhh...yes, they are. 
(please don't put me in a home yet, son)

Does it make it worse if I tell you we had studied an entire unit 
on Picasso earlier in the same day I asked Dylan to go see the Van Gogh's?

This was my favorite.

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