Monday, March 16, 2020
hi, I'm Cam...

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! 
I'll tell you some stories here about my love of history & photography, 
the things I learned managing a little holistic health shop & becoming a folk herbalist, 
as well as some of our adventures in exploring & homeschooling.

40 Things About Me:

1. I owned a '79 Vw Bay Bus named Borski (and a '78 parts bus) that I sold soon after Kindred was born.
2. I grew up an hour north of Nashville, Tn but I don't care much for country music except for Dolly, Alabama, & Johnny Cash and all of those are for sentimental reasons.
3. My fashion style could be probably described as a little bohemian, some moto, but often just ripped jeans + tee shirts.  
4. I am the eldest sister of three daughters.
5. I make the best blueberry gluten-free pancakes. Kindred and I make them in a big batch on the weekend and freeze them for the week. 
6. I did a Route 66 trip all the way to the Santa Monica pier with my childhood friend, Steph. No kids. Just two gals in a white convertible having a blast.
7. I am a magnet for amazing deals in stores and cool finds at thrift shops. It is my superpower. 
8. I spent most of every summer with my grandparents in Georgia from age 8-18.
9. My favorite holiday is Halloween
10. My preferred literary genre is an interesting biography. 
11. I have native american heritage on my father's mother's side, as well as a mixture of English, Scottish, and Irish ancestors. 
12. If I could move anywhere, it'd be a toss-up between Costa Rica and Scotland. 
13. I'm a Sagittarius Sun, Gemini Rising, Leo Moon.
14. I learned to shoot photography on film before it was the cool, retro thing to do. So, I'm at least that many years old.
15. In the car, I'm usually listening to podcasts...but I also love 60s funk & soul, Frank Sinatra & co, Stevie Nicks, 90s grunge, Adrienne Young, and The Grateful Dead. Spotify literally has no idea what to suggest for me.
16. My coffee must have oatmilk creamer. 
17. I found my grandmother Clara's 18th century doppelganger at a historic site on the Georgia coast, which was on the list of ten places my grandfather suggested I visit before he passed away.
18. I became a mama at almost 20 and again at 34!
19. I have naturally curly hair.
20. I would thrive in the desert. I am not easily overheated.
22. I bought a truck with a manual transmission off a car lot without actually knowing how to drive a stick-shift. I learned by driving around & around the car lot. The guys in the service dept cheered me on every time I circled around back.
23. I used to live in southern/coastal Georgia and visited Savannah many, many times. I love that city!
24. I prefer to buy organic, but it isn't always possible. However, I try to skip anything non-organic on the EWG's Dirty Dozen list.
26. I see hawks, city, circling over my head.
27. I have really long fingers.
28. I am a folk herbalist and plants have made such a huge different in my body.
29. I made the tennis team in high school but never played a single match.
30. I'm not even remotely good at tennis.
31. I either have a really great sense of direction or my grandfather (who was a charter bus driver) guides me to where I need to go.
32. I used to walk Atlanta police dept K9 dogs during my summers in Atlanta. Two german shepherds, Elka & Sage. I will never forget them. 
33. I try to have less tv watching and more music playing in our house.
34. I have a balanced translocation so I have had many miscarriages and one late-term loss. Having one child when you have a BT is difficult, but having the second one is like winning the lottery!! Kindred is some kind of miracle!
35. When I'm stressed, I re-watch the following: Dr Quinn Medicine Woman, Dharma & Greg, Grace & Frankie, The Gilmore Girls.
36. I'm really into researching genealogy.
37. I love to visit historical home museums.
38. My favorite dog breed is the Chinese Crested. My sweetheart, Clementine, is half CC & half Chihuahua. 
39. If I could move into an Airstream and travel for years, I would do it tomorrow. I want to see it all.
40. I saw Billy Ray Cyrus sing "Achy Breaky Heart" in concert on the 4th of July and now THAT was a party in the USA.

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