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Wednesday, April 11, 2018
Cannabis Extract Treatment In Case Of 14 Yr Old Terminal ALL patient.

  • Summary: Cannabis extract was found by hospital lab to be cytotoxic to blast cells. 
May 2017 Study On Cytotoxicity Of CBD & THC On Blast Cells

  • Summary: Research was completed in animal model, not just a cell culture grown in lab. Study also shows that CBD/THC to be effective after chemotherapy is complete. Research shows apoptosis and anti-proliferation of blast cells within 6 hours of CBD/THC treatment.
A 2014 Review On Role Of Cannabinoids In Regulation Of Cancer Growth In Different Cancers

  •  Summary: "A combination of cannabinoids with other chemotherapeutic drugs might provide a potent clinical outcome, reduce toxicity, increase specificity and overcome drug resistance complications."
2013 Study On Cannabidiol As A Potential Anticancer Drug

  • Summary: Non-psychoactive CBD defends against "migration, adhesion, and invasion”. In leukemia specifically: "Together, the results suggest that CBD, acting through CB2 receptors and ROS production, may represent a novel and highly selective treatment for leukaemia. Moreover, previous evidence indicated that human leukaemias and lymphomas expressed significantly higher levels of CB2 receptors compared with other tumour cell lines, suggesting that tumours of immune origin may be highly sensitive to the CB2-mediated effects of CBD []."
Cumulative List Of Links On Many Different CBD/THC Studies

Frankincense Oil vs Extract As A Potential Anti-Cancer Therapy.

  • Summary: Article by Robert Tisserand, fact-based aromatherapy industry leader, on the difference between using frankincense oil vs extract for cancer treatment and the misinformation surrounding the two.

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