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Saturday, February 22, 2020

I used to spend my days managing a smalltown holistic health shop on the same square Johnny married June. I learned much from the owner, a forager-style herbalist. My customers turned into friends that I treasure still. I left my position when I gave birth to Kindred, but was asked back soon after when she was the tiny babe you see in my arms above. Having her at work with me every day was a dream come true!! Unfortunately, the owners moved out of state and decided to close the store. After it closed, Kindred and I worked one day a week at the sister-store until she was 2 years old. 

When my niece, Naiya, was diagnosed with leukemia in December 2017, I visited a natural health store in a nearby larger city to see which ways I could support her holistically during treatment. I struck up good conversation with the staff and wound up being hired on for Saturdays. I did that until August 2019.

After all these years working in naturopathic health, I have seen and heard just about everything. I have met people who were mistreated by doctors & pharmaceutical companies. I have met people who have suffered at the hands of "natural healers" as well. I have met the parents of vaccine injured children who literally whispered about their children's health so that other customers wouldn't overhear them. I have met many different physicians, specialists, nurses, & pharmacists, who practice modern medicine in their day jobs but choose functional medicine for themselves & their families. Personally, I have come to believe that naturopathic & allopathic medicine should be used hand-in-hand. If we are in a constant fight about which side is better, or worse, we are doing a disservice to the sick.

From time to time, I may share herbs/vitamins/minerals/essential oils/food, etc that has either worked for me, our family, was used historically, or is coworker/family/friend/customer feedback. This should not be interpreted as 'advice' and should be ran through your filter of common sense, researched, and/or discussed with your health practitioner. 

Our family regimen:

Kindred's supplements include: Mary Ruth's Vegan Liquid Iron (gut issues affect her absorption so she is always borderline anemic). KAL Immuno-Raptor with Beta Glucan (we did this daily when she was in school & kept catching respiratory bugs) and KAL Zinc Elderberry during flu season. We try to get daily sun for Vitamin D in the summer but we supplement Garden of Life VitD gummies during winter months when we don't get outside as much and the sun's rays aren't as potent. I trust GoL and I like that they are 800IUs versus the 400IUs we typically see in a kids supplement. We also do magnesium baths when needed. Lucky for us, Kindred loves sauerkraut so we give her 1-2 TBSP serving of Bubbies Naturally Fermented Sauerkraut to boost her gut bacteria. Probiotic supplements lose SO MUCH bacteria in their manufacturing and shipping process. I love to source with food whenever possible. 

I used to take quite a few different supplements since one of the perks of running a health store is a pretty consistent supply of freebies. Since I enrolled in a folk herbalism apprenticeship in the fall of 2020, I have been trying to get my vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, etc...from herbal infusions I drink daily. I really love how I feel when I drink a daily quart of lemon balm, linden+oatstraw, passionflower, and tulsi+burdock root. I feel like I'm constantly drinking something, but I've never been so hydrated and my body can certainly tell a difference. I have a growing collection of bulk herb bags in my cabinets, but it's pretty cost-effective as they last quite awhile. I also bought Kalm With Kava kava root powder for days that anxiety creeps in and I make a strong cup of kava + coconut cream & milk, plus chai spices and some sweetener. You can find some great educational info on their website. I have also used the Happy Healthy Hippie brand and I am always satisfied with their supplements. If I can't sleep, I sometimes use their Namastay In Bed. I was feeling overwhelmed in 2020, like most everyone else was, and so I supplemented with their Joy-Filled to stay on top of any hopeless feelings that came up. I do take CBD occasionally, and my favorite is Foria Wellness brand. They are organic, sustainable, regenerative, and they make a CBD oil called Awaken that is loaded with plant-based aphrodisiacs & CBD which can help with pelvic pain and is super fun. 

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